NBC Picks Up Silly Human and Puppet Hybrid Comedy Series THE NEW NABORS From The Jim Henson Company

     November 21, 2011


Between NBC picking up Whitney, looking to can Community, and sitting low on the networks rankings, it’s clear that the Peacock is not at the top of their game. As a matter of fact, the network is so desperate, they’re looking to inspiration from their past success to fuel their future endeavors. Back in the 80’s the network found some laughs and big ratings with their puppet and human hybrid series ALF, and now Deadline reports the network has just picked up The New Nabors, a series from the Jim Henson Company following a human family who deals with the repercussions of living next door to a family of puppets.

I guess that makes sense since Cousin Skeeter has probably been out of work for awhile, and with all the caller ID available on phones nowadays, Crank Yankers have to be looking for work. But seriously, this kind of project kind of screams desperation, and sounds cheesy as hell. But perhaps if the right people from Jim Henson’s offices are involved, the same kind of energy infused into The Muppets, hitting theaters this weekend, could end up on the small screen. Of course I’d rather just see The Muppet Show make a comeback again. Afterlife writer John Hoffman and 30 Rock executive producer John Riggi will write the script which was developed with Lisa Henson and all will executive produce the show longtime Henson producer Alex Rockwell. Maybe this could turn out to be something solid like Greg the Bunny, which was cancelled all too soon? We’ll see.