Neil Marshall and Sam Raimi Are About to BURST in 3D

     October 9, 2009

Neil Marshall and Sam Raimi BURST.jpg

With his Roman soldier survival flick, “Centurion”, still yet to released, Scottish writer/director Neil Marshall, the man behind brilliant horror flicks “Dog Soldiers” and “The Descent”, and the less than brilliant mash up of every post apocalyptic future movie ever, “Doomsday”, has already set his sights on his next project. Marshall will next be tackling “Burst”, a 3D picture to be produced by Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert’s Ghost House Pictures. That’s right, Sam Raimi and Neil Marshall working together. That’s pretty effing terrific if you ask me. Go ahead and hit the jump to read more and for a short synopsis of the flick.

descent.jpgVariety has reported that the film will reunite Marshall with Lionsgate, the company that distributed his “The Descent” in 2006. “Burst” will tell the story of a group of stranded travelers who get caught in a blizzard and are stalked by a “malevolent force” that causes them to spontaneously combust. Sounds like Marshall’s right back in his wheelhouse on this one, and that’s a reason to get excited. Anybody who’s seen “Dog Soldiers” and “The Descent” knows that Marshall’s talent lies in tales of suspense and claustrophobic settings, whether that be a small cabin surrounded by werewolves, a subterranean cave system filled with morlocks, or now a white-out blindness of being stuck in a blizzard. This kind of thing is Marshall at his best, where the horror of the supernatural creatures is secondary to the horror the human characters inflict on each other. Add in Raimi as a producer and we’ve got something special here. Sure, not everything he’s produced has turned to gold, but this year’s “Drag Me to Hell” has proved he’s still got that crazy horror sensibility that made us all fall in love with him.

My only worry here is Lionsgate. Lionsgate fucks with movies. It seems that they have no idea how to handle anything that’s not “Saw”. I mean, sure, “Midnight Meat Train” wasn’t great, but that movie deserved a real theatrical release. And who thought it was a good idea to release a Punisher movie in December? And to bring it all back home, didn’t they make Marshall change the ending for the “Descent” for American releases? Maybe I’m worried about nothing, we’ll see though. The other possible draw back here could be the 3D, it could be fun like in February’s “My Bloody Valentine”, but it could also wind up lame and gimmicky as all hell. All that aside, “Burst” is definitely being put on my list of anticipated movies.

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