Neil Patrick Harris Talks A VERY HAROLD & KUMAR 3D CHRISTMAS, Karaoke, On-Set Pranks, Filthy Dialogue and More

     November 1, 2011

Neil Patrick Harris A VERY HAROLD & KUMAR 3D CHRISTMAS interview slice

With director Todd-Strauss-Schulson’s A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas opening this weekend, I recently got to speak with the cast. Each day this week we’ll have a new interview up, kicking things off yesterday with Thomas Lennon and continuing today with NPH (Neil Patrick Harris).  For fans of the Harold & Kumar franchise, you may remember that Harris was shot and killed in the last film.  Don’t worry.  Everything is explained in the 3rd chapter and you’ll understand why he’s still alive and girl crazy.

During the interview, Harris talked about if there was anything that he couldn’t believe made it into the release, if he ever thinks the dialogue is a bit too much, what pranks he’s been involved with on-set, and he reveals his favorite karaoke song.  In addition, Harris touches on how the first Harold & Kumar was his ticket back into pop culture and thinks during his next How I Met Your Mother hiatus they could make the Smurfs sequel.  Hit the jump to watch.

Neil Patrick Harris

  • What’s his karaoke song
  • Has he ever been involved in any good pranks on set or heard about any
  • Was there anything in the 3rd film that he can’t believe made it into the release or anything he thought crossed a line
  • Does he ever say the dialogue is a bit too much or does he ever want to add more
  • How the first Harold and Kumar was his ticket back into pop culture
  • What will he do during his next hiatus. Says he might be doing the Smurfs sequel

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