Watch Neill Blomkamp’s First Impressive Trailer from His Independent Studio

     May 30, 2017


Neill Blomkamp, the visionary director behind District 9Elysium, and Chappie, has found a way to get his ideas onto big and small screens without necessarily involving the sometimes ponderous Hollywood studio system. Enter: Oats Studios, Blomkamp’s indie production company that aims to churn out some unique properties delivered to you, the viewing audience, in a most modern way.

The aim for Oats Studios is to release free short films over YouTube while also offering a paid version of the same film over Steam, which would include more assets like concept art, 3D models, VFX content, etc. The idea has been percolating along beneath the surface for some time, but Blomkamp recently released the first teaser trailer for Oats Studio: Volume 1. The story, what little we glimpse of it, fits right in Blomkamp’s wheelhouse and this early tease leaves you wanting more. Just how much more you want will determine what Oats Studios will offer in the future. And if there’s enough demand, you might even see these short films on the big screen as full-fledged Hollywood productions in the future.

Check out the trailer below and then read on for more from Blomkamp himself:

There’s no official confirmation at the moment, but it looks like Sharlto CopleySigourney Weaver, and Dakota Fanning were involved in this production; we’ll update if and when more information becomes available.

Here’s how Blomkamp explained the idea behind Oats Studios over Twitter:


Image via Oats Studios

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