Netflix Grabbing Exclusive Syndication Rights to Stream All Seasons of MAD MEN

     April 5, 2011


Quickly becoming more than just a DVD-delivery service, Netflix is now close to acquiring exclusive rights from Lionsgate to add AMC’s Mad Men to their Watch Instantly streaming service. The Wall Street Journal reports that, per the deal, the previous four seasons of Mad Men will be available for streaming starting in mid-July. After the final episode of season five airs on AMC in 2012, that entire season will go up on Watch Instantly for streaming. The following two seasons (showrunner Matt Weiner just inked a deal to keep the show running through season seven, after which he’d presumably end the series) will follow that same pattern.

Netflix has been making some serious moves lately, closing a deal to exclusively distribute David Fincher’s TV series House of Cards starring Kevin Spacey, and adding to their streaming service the Miramax library of films as well as TV shows The Wonder Years, Glee, Ally McBeal and more.