‘The BFG’, ‘Matilda’ and other Roald Dahl Works Head to Netflix for Animated Series

     November 27, 2018


Roald Dahl’s books are no stranger to adaptations, but they will be new when they come to Netflix. The streaming giant has announced that “Netflix is extending the Roald Dahl universe of stories for global family audiences with an exclusive new slate of original animated event series, based on the books from the acclaimed and award-winning author’s best-selling library, including Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Matilda, The BFG, The Twits, and many other beloved titles.”

Netflix is moving into animation in a big way having recently announced a slate of major animated movies for the service, and with their Dahl series, they’re touting they “will bring together the highest quality creative, visual, and writing teams to extend the stories in this first-of-its-kind slate of premium animated event series and specials for audiences of all ages and for families to enjoy together. Netflix intends to remain faithful to the quintessential spirit and tone of Dahl while also building out an imaginative story universe that expands far beyond the pages of the books themselves.”

While that will certainly invite controversy among Dahl’s die-hard fans who will likely be wary of any changes to books like Matilda and The BFG, keep in mind that these moves aren’t for adults who grew up with Dahl. They’re for kids, and Netflix is trying to become the primary destination for young viewers. Older viewers know there’s a big media landscape to explore and don’t mind switching between Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix. But if you can hook your viewers young, then Netflix better positions itself as the one-stop shop for all entertainment for future generations.

Check out a brief teaser for Netflix’s Roald Dahl series below. Netflix’s agreement with The Roald Dahl Company includes Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Matilda, The BFG, The Twits, Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator, George’s Marvellous Medicine, Boy – Tales of Childhood, Going Solo, The Enormous Crocodile, The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me, Henry Sugar, Billy and the Minpins, The Magic Finger, Esio Trot, Dirty Beasts, and Rhyme Stew. Production on the Dahl adaptations begins in 2019.