Netflix Kills Star Ratings, Introduces New Thumbs Up/Down System

     April 5, 2017


Let me start this by saying that Netflix can do whatever it wants and we’ll all go along with it — that’s just a fact. Even when it made that big mess of a mistake with splitting up the streaming and DVD services many years ago, we forgave and forgot. We binge on. So while some may balk at Netflix changing up its star ratings to a thumbs up or down sign, the streaming giant explains in a new video that the ratings were always misunderstood anyway.

First of all, the stars were never meant to act as a general rating system — they didn’t come from critics, or from crowd-sourcing (admittedly I always thought it was the latter). Instead, the stars were a recommendation to you for what you would likely rate the show. But that’s not the most intuitive system.

So Netflix has replaced the stars with thumbs, creating a more binary approach instead of the shading of “I like this, but don’t love it” (as it would guide you to do in the past). Through this, Netflix will now give you a recommendation based on a match, kind of like online dating as they explain it. You can get the full sense of the change in the video below:

The new system is certainly a lot clearer and does make more sense, though I do personally balk at having to just like or dislike a title rather than be given more options about kinda liking or kinda not. But Netflix knows best?

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Image via Netflix