Neveldine/Taylor put up ZEROES for NBC

     November 2, 2009

Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor image.jpg

Action junkies are about to have a new favorite television show. The writing-directing team behind “Crank” and “Gamer,” Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, are developing a new series for NBC. “Zeroes” will focus on the operations of an elite team as it tries to prevent imminent disaster using, according to Taylor, “absolutely ruthless” force. Hit the jump for more.

THR is describing “Zeroes” as a “high-intensity drama chronicling the last hour of a crisis situation.” Taylor elaborates, saying it is a “crisis show that doesn’t bore you with all the buildup leading to the crisis.” In other words, it is the anti-“Lost.” As of now, Neveldine and Taylor are attached to the script as well as to directing the pilot episode.

Having already proven themselves extremely adept at shooting quickly and with a tight budget, Neveldine and Taylor should make a relatively easy transition into television. It also worth noting that they were approached by the Gail Berman/Lloyd Braun production house BermanBraun. Both Berman and Braun have a reputation for spotting promising shows having green-lit the likes of “24” and “Lost,” respectively, during their studio days. Given the novel premise, “Zeroes” could attract a strong following. Unless, of course, NBC decides to treat it like “Southland.”