Welcome to Collider 3.0! Find out What’s New, Different, and Even Better

     January 22, 2015


I’ve been with Collider for over seven years.  This is the third version I’ve seen of the site in that time, and it’s easily the best.  It still features the basics of what we’ve had before—featured items, blog format, plenty of images—helping to showcase our talented team of writers and their efforts to bring you all the entertainment news, interviews, reviews, trailers, and clips that you know and love.

And now there is so much more.  I don’t even have to say, “Hit the jump,” because the jump is gone!  No longer will paragraphs be butchered to fit a preconceived format.  Instead, you’ll see a delightful excerpt that will tell you a little bit more about the article you’re about to read.

You’ll find that the new design is easy to navigate, especially if you’ve been a longtime reader.  In many ways, it’s a face-lift, and we want to look pretty for you.

logo colliderBut we’re not just a pretty face.  We’re large.  We contain multitudes.  We also contain a new TV site run by our excellent TV editor Allison Keene.  You can access this new site by clicking “TV” at the top (The name is not misleading), and it will have its own featured items and content.  Our new TV site will continue to bring you recaps, interviews, and everything you want from The Golden Age of Television™

So how will you keep up with all this greatness?  An exciting new technology called “Twitter”.  You can follow @ColliderNews to be immediately alerted to whenever we post a new story.  Of course, we encourage you to still follow us individually because we are rich, charming, interesting people of depth and substance.  You can find our Twitter handles on the right-hand side.

Finally, we know the site is a little buggy at the moment.  We know things aren’t running at 100%, but we urge you to stick with us through this transition.  Change is scary, but we’ll make it through this together, and we’ll all be better for the experience.

This is the new Collider: bigger, faster, stronger, and headed for a doping scandal.


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