New DARK KNIGHT Viral Poster – Stupid Bats

     July 1, 2008

I think we can all agree on one thing in this busy, chaotic world…the viral campaign for “The Dark Knight” is the best so far for any movie.

Not only did the campaign stage events all over the world that made us work together to solve some of the mysteries…but the campaign never really gave us anything that would ruin the movie, just cool things like posters or bowling balls. Nothing that told us anything.

Yet we all tuned in. We followed the rabbit down the hole just to see where it went. And just when we thought there was nothing left to see or discover, lo and behold…a new poster appears online and it’s just as cool as all the others.

But for me…the best thing about the viral campaign is that it was promoting such an amazing movie. As you can read here, I think “The Dark Knight” is a masterpiece and something that fandom is going to freak out over on July 18th when it finally hits theaters.

And like I said…do yourself a favor…DO NOT READ ANY SPOILERS about the film. The less you know about the twists and turns, the more you’ll love this movie.

Anyway, here’s the latest poster and it’s called Stupid Bats. Click for high res.

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