‘Deadpool 2’ IMAX Poster Goes Full Lisa Frank

     April 24, 2018


A new IMAX poster for Deadpool 2 has been released, and it does a great job of differentiating this comic book sequel from a certain other superhero movie being released soon. Indeed, at the moment all eyes are on Avengers: Infinity War. 20th Century Fox initially had Deadpool 2 hitting theaters in June, giving a month for fans to rest and reset between the massive Marvel Studios sequel and the R-rated Deadpool follow-up. But Fox subsequently changed their mind when Infinity War moved up a week, vaulting to the mid-May position.

Hardcore fans will be showing up for both movies, but from a studio standpoint you can’t just rest your laurels on the superfans—you have to reach audiences at large. That’s one of the reasons the marketing campaign for Deadpool 2 has been so different. They can’t sell this as just another superhero movie because they’re releasing marketing materials at the same time Disney is launching a full-court press for the biggest MCU movie ever made. So Fox is going far left field, selling a different kind of moviegoing experience—one that stands in stark contrast to the dour stakes of Infinity War. And so far, it’s working.

This Lisa Frank-inspired poster for Deadpool 2 is delightful, and something Disney would never consider for a Marvel Studios movie (although the two brands may merge down the road if this Fox-Disney merger goes through). It’s subversive and silly, and also a little dangerous. A random onlooker may not be able to tell what in the world Deadpool 2 is by looking at this poster, and Fox is okay with that. They’re playing a longer game, and I love it.

Now does this mean Deadpool 2 will give Infinity War a run for its money at the box office? Probably not. You can’t compete with the herculean size of that thing. But you can do your best to stand out and not get lost in its wake, and by golly Deadpool 2 is doing just that.

Check out the new Deadpool 2 poster below. The film stars Ryan Reynolds, Josh Brolin, Zazie Beets, Julian Dennison, Rob Delaney, Terry Crews, Brianna Hidelbrand and more and opens in theaters on May 18th.


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