Toho Releases First GODZILLA Teaser Image; Director Announced for 2016 Film

     March 31, 2015


While audiences were treated to a new big version of Godzilla courtesy of Hollywood and director Gareth Edwards last year, we also learned this past December that Toho was producing its own new Godzilla film for release in 2016. Now the company has unveiled the first teaser image for the monster movie, and has also announced the filmmaker that will bring it to fruition. Courtesy of Skreeonk (via Twitch), Evangelion director Anno Hideaki will be writing and directing the new Toho Godzilla film, bringing his extensive experience in the special effects world to the property.

We don’t really know much else about this Godzilla film at the moment, but Kaiju fans should be pleased to know that a new Toho movie is on the way. This is in addition to Legendary Pictures’ Godzilla 2, which Edwards will return to direct after he completes his Star Wars film Rogue One, and which will feature Rodan, Mothra, and King Ghidorah in addition to the titular creature. We won’t be seeing that follow-up until June 8, 2018, so Toho’s Godzilla will happily fill the void in the meantime.

Check out the teaser image from the Toho Godzilla movie below, via the folks at Skreeonk, and let us know what you think about the director choice in the comments.


Image via Toho


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