New International Trailer, Featurette and Poster for James Cameron’s AVATAR

     October 28, 2009

Avatar movie image slice.jpg

As I mentioned with the bootleg, I’m excited for “Avatar” because it looks like a fun adventure film and I’m not going to pick apart the CG since I believe story and characters come first anyway.  This new trailer is what features those elements.  It’s also the trailer you saw as a bootleg and the trailer you’ll see tomorrow at 1pm EST.  We’re just bringing you this one now because other than the subtitles, this is the full trailer.  If you’re not freaked out by a foreign language at the bottom of the screen, then check out the trailer after the jump plus a  photo of a French poster for the film.

“Avatar” hits theaters on December 16th.

UPDATE: A new Featurette has been released. Check it out after the jump:

Click here or on the poster below to see a larger version.


[The Film Stage]


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