New LAND OF THE LOST Movie Image – Updated

     August 23, 2008

I don’t know if the below “Land of the Lost” movie image is real or fake. I also don’t know where it comes from…but my guess is…it’s from a magazine based on the line in the middle of the picture.

But…I think it looks very real so I figured you might want to take a look at it. If anyone knows where the picture comes from or how a reader named Max sent it to me…please email me and I’ll update the story.

While I have no idea if “Land of the Lost” is going to be the big hit that Universal is hoping for…I definitely love the way the Sleestak look.

UpdateAccording to Devin at CHUD, the image we’ve gotten is of Enik and he’s someone who “guards a time portal (in the original series, at least). Enik could talk and wear clothes, unlike the degraded, devolved Sleestaks.” Click on the link for more info on who Enik is.

Update 2Universal has just told me that the image ran as part of an LA Times story on Comic-Con. Needless to say…I missed it.

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