Universal to Make New Version of SCARFACE

     September 21, 2011


A third version of Scarface is on its way. Universal is currently developing a new version of the gangster film. The first iteration was the Howard Hughes-produced 1932 classic that was based on the life of Al Capone. Brian De Palma put his own spin on the story in 1983, this time with Al Pacino playing a Cuban immigrant who rises to prominence in the Miami cocaine world. Now, Deadline reports that Universal is taking another go at the title. The report is quick to point out that Universal does not intend for the new film to be a remake or sequel to either previous films, but hopes to infuse the basic elements of the other Scarfaces into a new version (read: they want name recognition).

Martin Bregman, who produced De Palma’s Scarface, is producing the new version alongside Marc Shmugar. Scarface ’83 is far from perfect, and Universal is really only taking the title, so this news doesn’t necessarily come off as offensive. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of approach the studio will take. I’d be shocked if the new version goes the R route, as that puts a ceiling on the gross. It’s possible they could target the teen audience with a young lead, but at this point their approach is anyone’s guess. The studio is currently meeting with writers to get a script going.

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