New Set Photos from Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood Movie Starring Russell Crowe, Cate Blanchett, and Mark Strong

     October 27, 2009

More Set Photos from Ridley Scott’s still untitled Robin Hood flick (although it looks like it will probably just be called “Robin Hood”) have surfaced online and as you can see from these images it still looks like a “Robin Hood” movie.  In a recent interview on Australian television, Crowe said that the 1991 Kevin Costner film, “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves” was “like watching an extended Jon Bon Jovi video clip.”  I find that statement funny because I look at the costumes and locations for this movie and I feel like I’ve saw this upcoming Ridley Scott version back in 1991 when it was called “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves”.  Hit the jump to see the set photos and why I think Scott’s “Robin Hood” won’t work.

Scott’s film will supposedly be a “realistic” take on the Robin Hood myth and that makes me even more uninterested in the movie.  Didn’t anyone learn a lesson from “King Arthur”?  The point of myths is to have larger than life characters in a grand adventure.  You get the realism by having real characters with real emotions.  The setting and all that crap is just window dressing and when you try to give these mythical characters “real” (e.g. gritty) emotion, you’re just sucking the fun out of it.  That’s why these myths were created in the first place.  There may have been a Robin Hood but we know of him because the stories based on a particular man grew out of the need for exciting stories about larger-than-life figures.  There are reports that this will be a “Gladiator”-style epic but that movie works in part because it’s about creating a legend whereas “Robin Hood” is about tearing away that legend.

Anyway, here are the set photos [via The Playlist] and you can find more here.  If they make you more excited for the movie, I’m happy for you.  I remain highly skeptical.

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