New SURROGATES Featurette

     August 19, 2009


IGN posted a short, but interesting, video feature on “Surrogates”, the upcoming sci-fi thriller where everyone sits at home and control robots who live their lives for them. Series creator Robert Venditti, director Jonathan Mostow, and the Die Hard man himself, Bruce Willis, all discuss the concept behind the film. For those who still have no idea what “Surrogates” is, check out the trailer here. The rest of you, check out the featurette after the jump.

It’s based on a 2005 graphic novel series called “The Surrogates”. I’m assuming they removed the for marketing reasons. Anyway, it’s the year 2054 and no one wants to leave the house anymore. Instead they use surrogates, which are humanoid robotic versions of themselves, to go out and interact in the real world. I’m holding out judgment on this one. It has obvious ties to”The Matrix”, and a lot of classic sci-fi, but it could step out on its own.

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