New Trailer for TRON: EVOLUTION Video Game

     June 16, 2010

Loads of video game trailers have been released as E3 2010 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) winds to a close.  Yesterday, we reported that Tron: Evolution would be released in 3D exclusively on the PlayStation 3 and now there’s a new trailer for the game.  Evolution‘s winter 2010 release is timed to coincide with the long awaited Tron sequel, Tron Legacy, which hits theaters on December 17th. It makes also makes sense to release it at the end of the year as there should be more 3D TVs on the market by then.  As I said in my previous article, I believe video games are well suited to 3D and that definitely appears to be the case with Tron: Evolution.

Eurogamer reports that the game will use a leveling system in single player and multiplayer, but that your experience points carry over between the two.  That’s pretty cool. Unfortunately, Eurogamer also says they were less than impressed with what they played at E3.  Our own Germain Lussier said “the game looks pretty and is very fun to play, but I found myself hoping for more tension and speed.”  Hit the jump to check out the new trailer (which looks comprised of cut scenes rather than actual gameplay).

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