Does This New THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Set Photo Reveal Batman’s New Ride? [UPDATED With Video]

     August 11, 2011


To be completely honest, I quietly hope to myself that set artifacts from Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises will hit when I’m off of work so that I can avoid them at all cost. Up until now, I’ve been pretty lucky to have missed a majority of the images, videos, and/or image/video descriptions. However, tonight my luck has run out.

A new pic snapped around the Wabash Tunnel in Pittsburgh has surfaced and it reveals some sort of new Bat-vehicle. If you simply cannot wait to feast your eyes on the newest detail to come out of The Dark Knight Rises‘ Pittsburgh shoot, check out the set photo after the jump. Also, if more spoils are what you’re after, click here to check out new set videos featuring the first look at Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the film. The Dark Knight Rises opens July 20, 2012.

UPDATED with video after the images.

Here’s the new set photo courtesy of Ross Petrocelli’s Twitter [via Batman-News]:

What do you think this wild piece of technology could be? A new Batwing? Some sort of revised version of the tumbler? Discuss in the replies.

Video via @markaduffy on Twitter. Thanks to Max for emailing me.

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