Nicholas D’Agosto – Exclusive Video Interview

     August 26, 2007

The first thing I need to do is apologize. The interview you’re about to watch was supposed to be posted a few weeks ago and due to a myriad of reasons I didn’t get it finished until today. I could of course give you a bunch of reasons why I didn’t get it done, but ultimately it’s my fault and I accept the blame. So to everyone who set up the interview and also to Nick, sorry I didn’t get it posted sooner.

But now that’s done with, onto the reason you’re here.

Posted below is a video interview I did with Nicholas D’Agosto while he was promoting his new movie “Rocket Science”. And even though you may not know his name, you might know his face. Recently he did a few episodes on “The Office” as Jan’s assistant and next season he’ll be on a small show called “Heroes.”

When the new season begins next month, Nicholas will be playing a character named West and he’ll supposedly be the new boyfriend of Claire Bennet (Hayden Panettiere). The other interesting bit of news is he’ll have a still unannounced superpower.

Since I’d rather not give away everything we talk about, I’ve briefly summed up what we discussed for each part. And if you’re just here for “Heroes” stuff, you should go to part 2.

Again a big thank you to Nicholas for taking the time to answer my questions and also to everyone who helped set this up. And if you haven’t seen “Rocket Science,” what the hell are you waiting for?

Nicholas D’Agosto Part 1

  • Sundance talk. I interviewed him previously with the cast of Rocket Science while at Sundance. You can watch it here.
  • All the projects he’s involved with – Drive-Thru, LA Blues, The Rich Inner Life of Penelope Cloud
  • Talks about how he got involved being on NBC’s The Office and the experience of working with the cast.

Nicholas D’Agosto – Part 2 – Heroes

  • Talks about working on Heroes and how he’s in every episode up through 4 (it could be more as this was done a few weeks ago). He says it’s a romantic relationship with Hayden Panettiere
  • Answers if he was a fan before getting cast.
  • Has he had friends who’ve wanted to visit him on the set?
  • I ask how awesome is it to have a superpower and play with it on TV. He also talks a bit on his character.
  • I ask if he’s thought about how being on Heroes might alter his career as it’s one of the biggest shows on TV.

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