Nick Schenk to Write ROBOCOP Remake; MORTAL KOMBAT Writer Oren Uziel Sells Action-Comedy

     January 31, 2012


Director José Padilha said that when he signed on to remake RoboCop, he didn’t read any drafts left over from the Darren Aronofsky era because he “wanted to focus on my own thing and do my take.”  To create that vision, Padilha has turned to Gran Torino writer Nick SchenkHeat Vision makes no mention of Josh Zetumer’s reported involvement with the script, but MGM was initially looking at a February or March start date, so I don’t imagine Schenk will have to start over from page one.  Yet despite the hubbub over Michael Fassbender‘s candidacy to play the cyborg police officer, no cast is locked in.  So Schenk should have some time to craft a solid shooting script in time for a production later in the year.

Hit the jump for details on the pitch Oren Uziel (Mortal Kombat: Rebirth) sold to Neal Moritz (Fast Five).

Variety describes Uziel’s idea for an action-comedy as “Die Hard meets Home Alone.”  Both center on the protagonist getting creative to fight off an enemy in an enclosed setting.  I figure the element specific to Home Alone is either “burglars” or “kid”.  I don’t jump to “kid” for the producer of the Fast and the Furious movies and the writer of Mortal Kombat.  But Uziel is also working on Forgotten, the story of a 16-year-old girl who can only “remember” events from her future when her memory is erased each morning.  So we’ll see.

The untitled feature is set up at Sony.  Uziel previously sold the spec script Kitchen Sink, an alien invasion comedy, to Sony.  With the feature length Mortal Kombat reboot tentatively scheduled for 2013, we’re about to see a lot of Uziel’s work over the next few years.


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