Jared Hess to Direct a ‘NickToons’ Movie Featuring ‘Rugrats,’ ‘Ren & Stimpy’

     January 27, 2016


The dream of the 90s is certainly alive on television, with news of reboots and revivals coming nearly every day. The X-Files, Full House, Twin Peaks, even Rush Hour is coming to the small screen as a comedy series. If your favorite movies or TV shows of yore haven’t been remade yet, that doesn’t mean you’re safe. And indeed, with the recent spike in 90s-era nostalgia seemingly reaching its zenith, Viacom is looking to get on the party by creating an original feature starring some of its classic Nickelodeon characters.

We heard rumors about this last fall, as far as Nickelodeon looking to revive some of its classic properties (most of which made our list of the Best 90s Cartoons. And now, according to Deadline, a NickToons movie would be “Paramount’s answer to Who Framed Roger Rabbit.”


Image via Nickelodeon

The feature is set to be directed by Napoleon Dynamite’s Jared Hess, with a screenplay he will co-write with his wife Jarusha Hess (she also co-wrote Dynamite as well as Nacho Libre). The idea came from Ali Mendes, who worked with Disruption Entertainment’s Mary Parent (who will be producing the movie, alongside Cale Boyter). Characters from Rugrats, Ren & Stimpy, Rocko’s Modern Life, Aaahh! Real Monster, and The Angry Beavers have been named as appearing, although what about Kablam! and SpongeBob? (Just leave CatDog out of it, please). Doug, for what it’s worth, is owned by Disney, and Nickelodeon is already making a Hey Arnold! TV movie.

So let’s break this down … first of all, I’m cautiously intrigued by the idea of an Avengers or Justice League-style team-up of NickToons. It’s incredibly weird and ambitious, and I have no idea how it would actually work (partially animated, or full animated?) The introduction of the Hesses into the picture also adds an unexpected element. Though the tide has turned against Napoleon Dynamite since it debuted over a decade ago, it’s a movie that originally resonated soundly with the age group that the NickToons movie would be looking to engage. The Hesses definitely have a very specific style and distinct tone to their films, though, but it’s also one that could make perfect sense for a NickToons movie.

What say you, readers? Are you wary, excited, or downright incensed over the idea? Let us know in the comments, and stay tuned (tooned?) for more updates on the project as we know them.


Image via Nickelodeon


Image via Nickelodeon