Nicola Peltz & Jack Reynor Talk TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION, Filming the Action, Deleted Scenes, the New Technology Used on the Film, and More

     June 24, 2014


Loaded with almost non-stop action, a great new villain (Lockdown), Dinobots, and an ass-kicking Mark WahlbergTransformers: Age of Extinction really is the beginning of a new chapter in the Transformers movie universe.  Also, throughout the fourth installment, director Michael Bay has peppered in a lot of interesting questions about the history of the Transformers and I’d imagine the next sequel (or sequels) will start to unravel the mysteries.  While Bay could have just done another Autobot vs Decepticon story and most fans would have been satisfied, I’m glad he pushed the franchise forward with new characters and questions, and am looking forward to where it goes from here.

A few days ago in Hong Kong I landed an exclusive video interview with Nicola Peltz and Jack Reynor.  They talked about what it was like to work with Michael Bay, filming the action, deleted scenes, working with new technology like the new IMAX 4K 3D digital camera, future projects, and a lot more.  Hit the jump to watch.

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Nicola Peltz & Jack Reynor:

  • After some fun back and forth…
  • Did they ever have a day that made them wonder if they would survive filming the movie?
  • What was it like to work with the new IMAX 4K 3D digital camera and other new technology?
  • They talk about some of the daunting action sequences and some of their favorite scenes.
  • Deleted scenes talk.
  • Future projects talk.

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