Renowned Commercials Director Nicolai Fuglsig Helms Big-Screen Debut BRASS MONKEY for Paramount

     October 18, 2011


If you’ve watched a Super Bowl (or TV in general) over the last few years, you’ve probably seen Nicolai Fuglsig’s work. He directed the Sony Bravia spot that featured thousands of bouncy balls breaking free down San Francisco’s streets. For Guinness, he presided over a lengthy domino/Rube Goldberg machine that ended in a bigger-than-life representation of a nice pint. Now Fuglsig can make the leap to the big screen with Brass Monkey, a real-time thriller that takes place during a Los Angeles killing spree. Hit the jump to check out a poster and read more on Brass Monkey.

News of Fuglsig’s move to direct a feature film comes courtesy of Deadline. Brass Monkey is an original creation dreamed up by Fuglsig himself. The first draft of the script was written by Paolo Marinou-Blanco (Goodnight Irene), although Brian Horiuchi (Circle of Eight) has been hired for a rewrite. Fuglsig also designed the graphic image for Brass Monkey as part of his pitch to Paramount. Fuglsig is still attached to helm Warner Bros.’ as of yet untitled futuristic Robin Hood picture as well. Check out some of his more famous works below:

Guinness video:

Pepsi spot:

Bravia spot:


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