Nicole Kidman Joining ‘Top of the Lake’ Season 2

     September 11, 2015


Top of the Lake’s first season brought together a lot of great talent, including Elisabeth Moss (confirmed to return for Season 2) Peter Mullan, and Holly Hunter, and many have speculated who might be the next to join Jane Campion’s haunting New Zealand series for Season 2. But as rich and fantastic as the first season was, I don’t know that anyone could have guessed that it might snag such a high profile addition as Nicole Kidman.

According to the Daily Mail, Kidman will be appearing in a role written specifically for her by Campion, but the actress would not divulge any other details. She did say, however, that she “finds herself drawn to playing ‘odd people, who live odd lives,’” which sums up Top of the Lake. She went on to say,


Image via Berlin International Film Festival

As you get older, don’t get safer. Get crazier. That’s my mantra,’ she says. ‘I like people who are a bit odd and have strange new philosophies and ideas. […] I’m not in the situation of being 25 and worrying about getting this role in this film or that film. That pressure is off. I wouldn’t want to go through that again. I look at the people going through it now, in the public gaze, and it’s just ridiculous. It’s all too frenzied. They can’t do or say anything without it being on Twitter or Instagram. I can choose the projects I want to work on — and it doesn’t have to be the lead. I’m not in that echelon any more.

You sell yourself short, Nicole! In any case, I was already excited for the return of Top of the Lake (happening sometime in 2016, most likely, as it enters pre-production in December), but the show has a great focus on strong female characters, and I’m really intrigued to see what Campion has in store for Kidman’s role. For those who are already fans of the series, do you think it might be akin to Holly Hunter’s cargo-living women’s commune leader? Or something darker? And what about that awkward family connection we learned about in the finale?

If you have missed out on Top of the Lake so far, it’s available on Netflix (in fact, you can check out all of our Netflix TV Show streaming recommendations here), and you can also read my review of Season 1 to find out why you should watch (because you definitely should).


Image via SundanceTV