Charles Hood, Adam Pally and Rosa Salazar Talk NIGHT OWLS at SXSW

     March 20, 2015


Similar to the actual movie, my interview with the team behind Night Owls is a pretty brilliant blend of big laughs and serious talk. Adam Pally and Rosa Salazar star as Kevin and Madeline. He’s an all-business workaholic desperate to please his boss and she’s a free-spirit with absolutely no filter. They’re two totally different people, but when their drunken one-night stand goes horribly wrong, they’re forced to spend the entire night together.

While at SXSW for the Night Owls world premiere, I got the chance to talk to Pally, Salazar and director Charles Hood about their experience making the film. They discussed the challenge of finding the right balance between comedy and drama, the fluid camerawork and dealing with limited resources, but there’s also a good deal of insanely amusing banter well worth checking out including Pally’s spot-on Mark Wahlberg impression, The Actors Studio vs. HB Studio controversy, what Airbnb houses are really used for and more. You can catch it all in the video interview below and, in case you missed it, click here to check out my review of the film as well.


Image via SXSW

Charles Hood, Adam Pally & Rosa Salazar:

  • 00:00 – Hood on coming up with the idea for the film.
  • 00:37 – On the tone of the movie; being able to incorporate different tones throughout.
  • 02:03 – How the tone reflects having a relationship in real life.
  • 03:02 – FYI, Pally went to The Actors Studio; accessing one emotion and then having it translate into another.
  • 04:10 – Moving from room to room seamlessly throughout the film.
  • 04:58 – FYI, Salazar went to HB Studio.
  • 06:18 – They found the shooting location on Airbnb.
  • 06:59 – Has a porno been shot at your Airbnb house?
  • 07:40 – Lighting the house for the mobile camerawork; the super small crew.
  • 08:54 – What Pally and Salazar did during their downtime; how Ride Along influenced this movie.
  • 09:29 – Pally’s Mark Wahlberg impression.
  • 10:31 – On the scene during which Pally has to stick his fingers down Salazar’s throat to make her throw up.
  • 12:09 – The treadmill scene.
  • 13:07 – Salazar on Pally’s ability to nail the more serious material.
  • 13:58 – Salazar on Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials.


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