Nintendo Switch Super Bowl Ad Shows How You’ll Take Your Gaming Everywhere

     February 1, 2017


While new consoles traditionally come out in the fall to capitalize on the holiday shopping season, Nintendo is changing things up a bit by releasing its new console, Nintendo Switch, in March. While that may seem a bit unorthodox, they’ll have the benefit of capitalizing on the biggest TV event of the year, the Super Bowl. In what looks to be an exciting game between the glorious Atlanta Falcons and the evil New England Patriots, there should be plenty of people glued to their TVs, and they’ll get a nice new look at Nintendo’s latest console.

For those unfamiliar with the Switch, the idea is that it’s both a home and portable console. When it’s plugged into the Switch Dock, you can play games on your television, and then when you take the tablet out of the dock, you can play games on the go. Even the controllers are detachable so that you can engage in Wii-like motion controls. While Nintendo will be a little short on games at launch time (although it helps when one of those launch titles is the new The Legend of Zelda game), it will be interesting to see if the Switch takes off.

As you can see from Nintendo’s ad that they’ll run during the Super Bowl, the company wants this to be an all-purpose console that you can enjoy at home or that you can take to parties. While that’s the vision, I’m not sure if it will work out that way. That being said, there’s nothing on the market quite like the Switch, and it will be interesting to see how Nintendo’s latest console develops in the years to come.

Check out the Super Bowl ad below. The Nintendo Switch will be released in the U.S. on March 3rd and retail for $299.99. For more details on the console, click here.

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