Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal in Talks for Tom Ford’s NOCTURNAL ANIMALS

     March 25, 2015


Yesterday, we reported that A-list fashion designer turned award-winning filmmaker, Tom Ford, finally signed on to direct his second film Nocturnal Animals. Unsurprisingly, the project has swiftly drawn the attention of some of today’s best working actors. Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal are in talks to join Ford’s adaptation of the Austin Wright book Tony and Susan. THR reports that Joaquin Phoenix and Aaron Taylor-Johnson are also being pursued for lead roles.

The story-in-a-story follows two narratives: the first centers on a woman named Susan who receives a manuscript called “Nocturnal Animals” from the ex-husband she left 20 years earlier, asking for her opinion on his book; the second follows the story of the book itself, about a man whose family vacation turns deadly. As the two narratives intertwine, Susan finds herself reflecting on her first marriage and facing some dark truths about herself.


Image via Open Road

Ford’s debut film, A Single Man, was an excellent drama, aesthetically gorgeous and packed with fantastic performances – particularly from leads Julianne Moore and Colin Firth. Variety reports that the actors are pushing hard for the roles, with Adams interested in the part of Susan and Gyllenhaal pursuing the male lead, and it’s easy to understand why. Ford clearly knows how to draw excellent performances out of actors and has a stunning eye, so it’s very exciting to think of what he could do with a story like Nocturnal Animals.

Over the last five years, Jake Gyllenhaal has emerged as one of the finest actors of his generation with a keen eye for quality material. Amy Adams, a five-time Academy Award nominee, consistently delivers exceptional, nuanced performances. This is essentially a dream cast for a film from such a classy, artful filmmaker. And the cast only grows more exciting with the prospect of Joaquin Phoenix and Aaron Taylor-Johnson coming on board as well. I’ve been eagerly awaiting Ford’s second feature, and from everything we’ve heard in the last two days, it will not disappoint.

Are you as excited for this movie as I am? What parts would you like to see the actors in contention play? Sound off in the comments.


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