‘Nocturnal Animals’ Featurette Reveals the Love Story at the Heart of Tom Ford’s Latest

     November 1, 2016


A new featurette for Nocturnal Animals, the second feature film from A Single Man writer/director Tom Ford, is now available for your viewing pleasure. Based on the Austin Wright novel “Tony and Susan”, Nocturnal Animals stars Amy Adams as a successful art dealer whose ex-husband (Jake Gyllenhaal) sends her an advance copy of his new, intense thriller manuscript for a novel inspired by their relationship. The film follows a parallel story track as both the current-day events and those within the manuscript, titled “Nocturnal Animals” of course, continue to unfold.

While the previously released trailers have done a fantastic job of selling the tone and the style of Ford’s latest, the plot has been a little less apparent. Luckily, this featurette on the love story that acts as a catalyst for the whole piece is a fantastic introduction to the story. The short video, featuring commentary from Adams, Gyllenhaal, and Ford, does just enough to entice without giving too much away.

Nocturnal Animals opens in select theaters on November 18th and expands nationwide on December 9th. The film also stars Michael ShannonAaron Taylor-JohnsonIsla Fisher, Armie Hammer, Laura Linney, Andrea Riseborough, Michael Sheen, and Jena Malone.

Watch the new featurette for Nocturnal Animals below:

Here’s the official synopsis for Nocturnal Animals:

From writer/director Tom Ford comes a haunting romantic thriller of shocking intimacy and gripping tension that explores the thin lines between love and cruelty, and revenge and redemption. Academy Award nominees Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal star as a divorced couple discovering dark truths about each other and themselves in NOCTURNAL ANIMALS.

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