Exclusive: Rooster Teeth’s ‘Nomad of Nowhere’ Finale Clip Gives Power to the People

     September 21, 2018


In the first season of Rooster Teeth’s new animated series Nomad of Nowhere, a mysterious nomad harboring magical traverses a Western wasteland, encountering all sorts of folks along the way. But a price on his head sends him on the run from captors and bounty hunters alike who all want to score big when they bring in the world’s last magical being. Now, after 11 previously released episodes, Season 1 goes out with a bang in the finale as the Nomad rides into battle for the people of the Oasis. And we have an early look at the final episode thanks to an exclusive clip from Rooster Teeth!

In this clip, the Nomad faces the egotistical Don Paragon (Max Dennison). Through an… “articulate” negotiation, the Nomad demands the Don give the people what they want! But the Don is ready to take extreme measures to keep his prize.

Will the Nomad prevail? Will the people quench their thirst? Watch our exclusive clip below and then be sure to tune in for the epic season finale of Nomad of Nowhere, now on Rooster Teeth FIRST!

The Nomad of Nowhere season finale premieres today on FIRST, Rooster Teeth’s streaming service available at RoosterTeeth.com and on Xbox One, Apple TV, iOS and Android apps. Catch it free on Rooster Teeth 7 days later!

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Image via Rooster Teeth