Noomi Rapace on Beating People Up in ‘Unlocked’, Discovering Shaw’s Fate in ‘Alien: Covenant’

     August 30, 2017

You don’t mess with Noomi Rapace. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo star has become a bonafide action star, beating up drug dealers, corporate goons, Cockney thugs and aliens indiscriminately. In her latest feature, Unlocked, Rapace stars as a CIA interrogator framed for a pending biological attack in London. A quick word of advice for future film terrorists and CIA turncoats: if you’re going to frame someone for a terrorist attack, perhaps you don’t pick Noomi Rapace. I mean – anybody else would probably be better, that is if you want to survive the duration of a ninety-something minute film. Otherwise – you’re either going to be shot in the face, kicked off a tall building, choked, stabbed, punched, impaled or shot (have I mentioned shot yet? It bears repeating). See Unlocked for filmic proof.

unlocked-noomi-rapace-orlando-bloom-socialunlocked-noomi-rapace-orlando-bloom-socialIn the following interview with Noomi Rapace, the actress discusses the stunt-work involved in beating bad guys senseless, why CIA interrogators and actors are basically the same, and her reaction to learning Shaw’s fate in Alien: Covenant. For the full interview, watch above.

Noomi Rapace:

  • Noomi Rapace on her research process into the CIA.
  • The biggest misconceptions about the CIA.
  • How the script for Unlocked changed when she came on board.
  • How actors and interrogators are basically the same.
  • On what parts she looks for.
  • How growing up outside the US effected her view on the CIA
  • The stunt work involved in beating people up
  • The differences in fighting in US versus Foreign films.
  • Learning of Shaw’s fate in Alien: Covenant.

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