Not satisfied with the HEROES Finale?

     May 27, 2007

My two favorite TV shows had their finales last week and while one completely blew my mind (Lost), the other was a huge disappointment (Heroes).

My biggest gripe with the finale of “Heroes” had to be the lack of a kick ass battle which had everyone involved. The show spent all season long talking about this big moment and when it finally happened, all they could come up with was a short, meaningless battle that resolved nothing. The finale should’ve been where all the characters came together and joined a common cause – defeating Sylar. Instead we had a lot of wasted time and some pretty bad dialogue. And I know that I wasn’t alone thinking “Heroes” let the fans down.

So if you felt like I did… I‘ve got something cool for you to read. I’ll call it the “Heroes” WHAT IF finale.

One of my friends (who is a professional writer) emailed me his idea for what should’ve happened on the “Heroes” finale. Since I thought it was so much better than what they aired I wanted to share it with all of you. He never sent it to me to be posted…in fact we email all the time and just bullshit about things we like and what we would’ve done differently… but he was just as disappointed as me and rather than just bitch about it… like we often do… he wrote what could’ve been. And he incorporated what happened in the actual episode.

So if you want to read what should’ve happened… read what’s below. Also I made a promise not to reveal to anyone who wrote this… all I’ll say is the person who did this is someone you absolutely know and would not believe wrote it. Enjoy!

The “Heroes” Finale that should’ve been….

This all takes place during daylight, to bring the events in line with Peter’s mid season dream and so increase the sense ofbleak inevitability. We pick things up at the point when Jessica helps Nikki to overcome the shape shifter, Candice. With one almighty punch, Nikki sends Candice skidding across the floor. Momentarily unconscious, she morphs into an overweight, unattractive girl, with bad skin. Coming round, she looks down at herself, suddenly embarrassed, as if she has been caught naked. She morphs back into the Candice we know but in doing so wastes valuable time. Nikki is suddenly standing over her, smiling, looking more like her alter ego. “Shouldn’t be so damn self conscious”, Nikki sneers just before delivering a devastating knock out punch.

Meanwhile in the corridor, DL is fading fast. Delirious with pain, he clutches at his stomach with his bloody hand. His eyes open as a new sensation moves through him. He appears to gain strength, consciousness, vivacity. Confused he pulls up his shirt and is amazed to behold his wounds miraculously healing. He looks at hishand, caked in Linderman’s blood and even as he feels the life energy coursing through his body, he can’t quite believe what has happened. Lnderman’s blood has saved his life.

Parkman, Bennet, Suresh and Molly round the corner to find DL pulling himself to his feet. Mikka and an astounded Nikki join them, her face asks every question her voice can’t quite find. DL just nods. At this moment, it’s enough. Mikka and Molly bond over a broken elevator as the party head down to the plaza.

Meanwhile, Peter and Sylar face off in the Plaza. Each time Sylar attacks, Peter seems to parry, using the same power used by his adversary. Sylar’s cocky edge shows signs of strain as Peter seems to assimilate every trick Sylar pulls. Each power Sylar unleashes is absorbed and returned by an ever stronger Peter. For the first time, Sylar appears to be worried.

Suresh, Bennet and the others rush through the lower corridors of Linderman’s building on their way to the exit. However, they find their path blocked. Standing in at the doorway, looking badass, is Hiro. He’s waited his whole life to do something like this. Without a hint of irony he quotes Terminator 2. “Come with me if you want to live”.

In the Plaza, Sylar and Peter are fighting like super heroes. With some dastardly, underhand tactic, that Peter Petrelli wouldn’t dream of employing, Sylar gains the advantage and taunts Peter…

“You aren’t like me. You will never be like me. You’re time is over. My time…is now.”

We hear a click, Sylar spins to see Matt Parkman, with a gun leveled at Sylar’s head. Parkman cannot resist a quip,…

“Times up.”

BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM. Four shots in quick succession, aimed directly at Sylar’s head, are stopped inches from their target, they hang in the air momentarily. With a flick of his finger, Sylar sends the bullets back toward Parkman, who blinks, face taught with terror. But, he doesn’t fall. Instead, a smile creepsacross his face…

“Now how do you think I knew you’d do that” says Parkman.

Sylar face contorts into an expression of confused rage. We see that behind a pillar next to Parkman, weak but very much alive, DL is clinging to Parkman’s ankle, projecting his power in to the psychic police officer. It’s a simple trick but it distracts Sylar long enough.


Nikki, now in full control of Jessica’s power slams a parking meter into Sylar. Stunned, he staggers across the plaza, Nikki continues her savage attack. If we didn’t know Jessica was gone, we could be forgiven for thinking Nikki had switched back. Her advantage doesn’t last long though. With a flick of his hand, Sylar plucks the parking meter away from Nikki.

“This is beginning to get annoying”,Sylar growls before he fires the parking meter back towards her. Before it reaches Nikki, Claire blocks its path. She is thrown, battered and broken by the impact, across the ground. For a moment she lies still. A second later she gets to her feet, bones setting, wounds healing. Sylar seethes…

“Who the hell are you people?!” We hear a familiar voice…

“We are heroes.”

HIRO, sword drawn, game face on, stands at the other side of the plaza. A smile spreads across Sylar’s face…

“Well now isn’t this sweet? All the little ‘heroes’ working together to beat the bad guy. I read the comic book, I know what happens next. Isaac was kind enough to show me. What he didn’t show me, I saw myself, after I took his power. Like I’m going to take yours, then hers then his and then (he motions to an inert Peter)…his. And he really is the jackpot isn’t he? Now, let’s end this.” Sylar’s hands light up and with lightening speed he throws a fireball at Hiro. Close up on Sylar’s face, his eyes glitter with triumph. He blinks. His savage expression seems to falter. We pull back to reveal Hiro stood behind him. Pull back further still, to reveal Hiro’s blade protruding from Sylar’s chest. Sylar looks down at it, shocked. His voice is hoarse and full of terror… “That’s not how it happened in the comic book.

FLASHBACK. Isaac in his loft, eyes white, drawing furiously. He swoons, returning to himself. We see that he has drawn precisely what we have just seen. Hiro stabbing Sylar in the back. The speech bubble containing Sylar’s exact words “That’s not how it happened in the comic book”. Issac realises what he must do. He tears up the drawing and starts again. We realize, the panel in the comic book was a trick. The speech bubble left blank on purpose. It was a message to Hiro.

We return to the Plaza. Hiro pulls the sword out of Sylar with one swift, expert move…

“I know”, he tells Sylar, “and so did Mr. Isaac”.

Sylar drops to the floor. Everyone runs to Peter, who stirs. They help him stand up. Parkman frowns, he hears something, he spins round


Hiro draws his sword but all too late. The wounded Sylar, propels Hiro into the air but before he smashes into the side of a building, he vanishes. Peter is now upright, his face twisted with anger. “No!” Peter’s throw a mighty fireball at Sylar, sending him skidding across the ground. He come to a stop, blackened, smoldering, defeated. The victory is short lived though. Peter seems unable to control the fire inside him. He struggles with his power as he begins to glow dangerously. He calls for Claire, imploring her to shoot him. She does not. Instead she speaks to him, calming him down, enabling him to bring the power under control. Just as it seems Peter is no longer a danger, we hear Simone’s voice. Peter, dazed and weakened by his ordeal cannot believe what he is seeing. Simone walks towards Peter, taunting him, insisting that it’s his fault that she is dead. Despite Nikki’s insistence that this is Candice and not who Peter thinks it is, Peter begins to lose control again. He begins to glow. Claire rushes to him but rebounds off something unseen.

“You’ll be safe in here Claire. You all will.”

Mother Petrelli walks towards them, across the plaza.

“Came in handy when I was a girl, if the boys ever came on a little strong”

The group realize they are being contained with in a protective field, being generated by Mrs. Petrelli. As an audience, we see the grim inevitability of Isaac’s predictions coming together. Not only does it resemble Peter’s prophetic dream, right down to the presence of Simone (albeit Candice in disguise). We can also see how the events of ‘5 Years Past’ could still occur. Parkman, Claire, Nikki and the others will all survive if Peter explodes thanks to Mother Petrelli’s surprise ability. The only discrepancy is Sylar who is apparently dead. It is at this point that we see that he has dragged himself into he drain. Everything is now in place for Peter to explode and it seems very much as if he will. Mother Petrelli makes a speech about sacrifice and doing the right thing, as Peter gets increasingly nuclear on the outside of the force field. It is at this moment that Nathan swoops in and picks Peter up. Mother Patrelli desperately tries to make Nathan see sense but he has made up his mind. He flies up into the clouds with his brother in his arms. Somewhere in the stratosphere, a man explodes. We see the face of each hero looking up into the sky, whilst Mohinder’s voice over talks of genesis and destiny. We end on Bennet who puts his hand on his daughter’s shoulder. Fade to black.

Hiro in Japan.

The end.

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