‘Now You See Me 2’: Dave Franco, Jesse Eisenberg, and Jon M. Chu on Their New Tricks

     April 23, 2016

Last week at CinemaCon, I landed an exclusive video interview with Now You See Me 2 director Jon M. Chu and two of his stars – Dave Franco and Jesse Eisenberg. During the extended conversation they talked about the great ensemble cast, new magic tricks, incorporating the actor’s magic skills into the story itself, the practical and special effects in the film, if they ever thought about calling the sequel “Now You Don’t”, awkward fan interactions, and a lot more. In addition, Franco talked about making The Disaster Artist with his brother James Franco, calling it “the weirdest movie” he’s ever made.

now-you-see-me-2-poster-jesse-eisenbergIf you haven’t seen the Now You See Me 2 trailers, the sequel stars again stars Mark Ruffalo, Woody HarrelsonJesse EisenbergDave FrancoMichael Caine, and Morgan Freeman with Lizzy Caplan stepping in for Isla FisherDaniel Radcliffe also joins the cast as the new enemy, Walter Mabry, “a tech prodigy who threatens the Horsemen into pulling off their most impossible heist yet.”

Watch what Franco, Eisenberg, and Chu had to say above, and as always, I’ve included a time index of what we discussed below.

Dave Franco, Jesse Eisenberg, John M. Chu:

  • 0:35 — Eisenberg discusses potentially awkward fan interactions.
  • 1:41 — Franco teases The Disaster Artist with his brother James Franco, a.k.a. “the weirdest movie” he ever made.
  • 3:17 — How early on did they realize Now You See Me could have franchise potential?
  • 4:37 — Chu on deciding what to bring into the sequel from the first film.
  • 5:23 — Franco asks Chu about any scenes potentially cut to maintain the tone.
  • 6:31 — How Chu balanced the all-star cast and divvied up the screen time.
  • 7:35 — Eisenberg and Franco on working with the ensemble cast.
  • 10:00 — Was there talk of naming the Now You See Me sequel Now You Don’t?
  • 11:18 — What new magic tricks are the cast bringing to the sequel?
  • 12:26 — Franco discusses his natural affinity for magic tricks.
  • 13:42 — Chu on incorporating the actor’s magic skills into the story itself.
  • 14:40 — Franco and Chu on the practical and special effects in the film.


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