Oasis Documentary ‘Supersonic’ Gets First Trailer, Touts Band’s “F–ing Biblical” Rise

     September 6, 2016


The best news for any Oasis fan (of which I am, indeed, mad fer it) regarding the upcoming Supersonic documentary is not only the amount of unprecedented access and archival footage, but the fact that it comes from the Oscar-winning team behind Amy. Executive producer Asif Kapadia and director Mat Whitecross have chronicled the band’s rise from obscurity in Manchester to global domination and to their eventually break-up, kicking off at the point when Noel Gallagher joined his brother Liam‘s band in 1991. In 1994, the band released their first album, Definitely Maybe (which the documentary’s title is taken from — “Supersonic was the first single) and it became Britain’s fastest-selling record.

It seems clear from the newly-released first trailer that the documentarians will be debuting some new footage and candid interviews from the brothers Gallagher, in a way that seems to beautifully and energetically capture the band’s volatile history. If you know anything about Oasis, it’s probably the sparring of the Gallaghers, who famously hate each other, and yet, their dynamic was such an integral part of what made Oasis great. Check out the trailer below:

In addition to being a stunning documentary of the band itself, Supersonic looks like a loving portrait of the 90s, and the nostalgia factor is incredibly high just watching the trailer. But for fans who have missed seeing the Gallaghers together, it’s certainly a nice trip back through the band’s heyday.

Personally, I like Noel’s new material with the High Flying Birds a lot, but haven’t found a connection to Liam’s solo work yet. In Noel’s latest tour, about half of the set were Oasis songs, mostly off of the overlooked Masterplan album (huzzah!) But while the crowd definitely knew Noel’s new material, it was nothing compared to the energy that burst forth when he played an Oasis classic. There really was something magical about those first two albums and B-sides in particular, although I think there are still some fantastic gems to be found in the later works as well.

But as expected, the (one-sided) shit talking regarding the new documentary has already started up from Liam, who has recently taken to calling his brother a potato …

Supersonic doesn’t yet have a U.S. release date, but is set to his theaters in Britain in October.

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