Morgan Freeman Talks OBLIVION, Wanting to Work With Tom Cruise, Does he Ever Get Tired of Playing the Leader of the Free World, and More

     April 21, 2013


Joeseph Kosinski‘s new Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman starrer Oblivion is the rarest of all things, a big budget scifi film aimed squarely at adults. While the trailers might seem like they give away the whole movie, I assure you they only scratch the surface. Things get really weird and far more ambitious than the I Am Legend-style one sheet implies.

Last week Collider sat down with Freeman to discuss his small but pivotal role.  During the interview, Freeman talked about the difficulty of always being a world leader in films, getting a demotion in Olympus has Fallen, what he looks for in a role, the importance of yawning, how to get a more mellifluous voice and much.

Morgan Freeman

  • Does he ever get tired of playing the leader of the world
  • Is there a difference between playing the President and Speaker of the House
  • Having Americans playing insurgents in films
  • How the film shows drone warfare and it feels very relevant to what’s going on today
  • Did he model his character on anyone
  • Talks about wanting to work with Tom Cruise
  • How he only has a few scenes
  • Any secrets to having a great speaking voice


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