Weekend Box Office: ‘Ocean’s 8’ Scores Franchise-Best $41.5 Million Opening

     June 10, 2018


The heist film Ocean’s 8 stole the top box office spot from Solo: A Star Wars Story this weekend. The spinoff from director Gary Ross (The Hunger Games) opened to $41.5 million, which is the best opening for the franchise thus far. Steven Soderbergh’s previous trilogy topped out with Ocean’s Twelve at $39.1 million, although all three of his films did solidly with Ocean’s Eleven opening to $38 million and Ocean’s Thirteen scoring $36 million on its opening weekend.

Ocean’s 8 finds Sandra Bullock filling the role of Danny Ocean’s sister, and the female-centric spinoff is a purely entertaining ride with an A-list cast that audiences sparked to pretty strongly. It’s among the top 10 openings of 2018 so far, and females made up nearly 70% of the audience. Given the title, one has to imagine a trilogy is in mind (Soderbergh produced Ocean’s 8 and remains involved in the franchise), so here’s hoping the gang reunites for Ocean’s 9 sooner rather than later.


Image via A24

Solo, meanwhile, fell to the #2 slot with $15.2 million for the weekend. That’s a significant drop off for the film’s third weekend in release, and its domestic total stands at $176.1 million. By comparison, Rogue One had amassed $318 million by its third weekend. And unfortunately for Lucasfilm and Disney, Solo doesn’t look like it’s going to be saved by international box office. Overseas it amassed a mere $11.3 million for the weekend, bringing its worldwide total to $312.2 million. Given the budget, massive marketing campaign, and overall investment into the brand that Solo represents, this is the first genuine disappointment of the new Lucasfilm era.

In better news, the critically acclaimed horror film Hereditary opened to an excellent $13 million, marking the highest grossing opening weekend in A24’s history. That tops the $8.8 million opening for The Witch a few years ago, and while Hereditary earned a D+ CinemaScore from audiences, it appears folks were intrigued nonetheless to get out and see Ari Aster’s profoundly disturbing family horror drama this weekend. It’s one of the year’s best films, but it is the opposite of a crowd-pleaser so it’ll be interesting to see how word of mouth fares in the weeks to come.


Image via Global Road Entertainment

The weekend’s other major new release, Hotel Artemis, bombed with $3.2 million, while Deadpool 2 pulled in another $13.7 million to bring its domestic total to $278.7 million. Worldwide, the R-rated sequel is now at $628.9 million, and while it doesn’t look like it’ll reach the first Deadpool’s $783 million total, that’s still incredibly strong for an R-rated movie.

Avengers: Infinity War, meanwhile, is well on its way to making infinity dollars. The Marvel sequel tacked on another $6.8 million bringing its domestic total to $654.7 million, which is enough to steal the #4 slot on the domestic all-time chart from Jurassic World. Worldwide the film is now at $1.998 billion. Interestingly, while that worldwide total is astounding, it’s possible Infinity War won’t surpass Black Panther at the domestic box office. That film stands at an incredible $699.3 million.

Check out the weekend estimates below.

Rank Title Friday Total
1. Ocean’s 8 $41,500,000 $41,500,000
2. Solo: A Star Wars Story $15,154,000 $176,105,474
3. Deadpool 2 $13,650,000 $278,665,541
4. Hereditary $13,037,336 $13,037,336
5. Avengers: Infinity War $6,836,000 $654,733,699
6. Adrift $5,050,000 $21,740,025
7. Book Club $4,200,000 $56,874,124
8. Hotel Artemis $3,151,118 $3,151,118
9. Upgrade $2,220,000 $9,209,605
10. Life of the Party $2,105,000 $50,266,577

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