Oculus Reveals First Look at New Virtual Reality Experience HENRY

     June 5, 2015


True virtual reality has been a science fiction dream for decades now, but if Oculus VR achieves their goals then virtual reality will soon become an actual reality. Though it might still be a long time before we’re entering into fully immersive simulated military combat or flying through space in epic battles like in Ready Player One, Oculus is starting out with a somewhat simple yet lovable little hedgehog.

Henry, their newest virtual reality experience, centers on the title character, a happy critter who loves hugs but has a hard time keeping friends due to his prickly circumstances. So when Henry’s birthday arrives and his party is woefully absent of any guests, he makes a wish for friends. That’s where you come in and get to experience all the feels alongside Henry. And if the emotionally charged story with a big-eyed animated critter at its heart sounds like familiar territory, then you won’t be surprised to find out that Oculus Story Studio is packed with Pixar and Dreamworks talent like director Ramiro Lopez Dau, Bernhard Haux, Kendal Cronkhite and Saschka Unseld.

Henry, premiering in Hollywood on July 28th, will be available to Oculus Rift owners for free when the virtual reality hardware rolls out early in 2016. Take a look at the Henry teaser below:

Meet Henry from Story Studio on Vimeo.


Image via Oculus


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