Trailer for Creepy-Looking Disney Film THE ODD LIFE OF TIMOTHY GREEN

     August 8, 2011


The trailer for The Odd Life of Timothy Green stars out innocently enough.  Jennifer Garner and Joel Edgerton play a couple who are unable to conceive a child.  They write down their hopes and dreams for the child they’ll never have, put the writing in a box, and bury the box in their backyard.  In the middle of the night, they awaken to find a dirt-covered young boy in their house and he’s calling them “mom and dad.”  If that actually happened, you would not be uplifted.  You would be freaked out beyond all reason.  Furthermore, we’re now going to have scores of child molesters burying their wish lists and hoping for a case of sprouted boy.  Is that what you want The Odd Life of Timothy Green?  IS IT?

Hit the jump to check out the saccharine and unnerving trailer.  The film will likely open sometime next year. [Update: We’ve removed the trailer at the request of the studio.  This version was leaked and the “correct” version will be released tomorrow on Yahoo! Movies.]

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