Odette Annable Talks BREAKING IN at WonderCon

     April 6, 2011

Odette Annable interview BREAKING IN WonderCon 2011 slice 2

With Fox’s new workplace comedy Breaking In premiering tonight after American Idol, the network brought most of the cast (Christian Slater, Bret Harrison, Odette Yustman and Alphonso McAuley) and executive producers Adam Goldberg (Fanboys) and Doug Robinson (Rules of Engagement) to WonderCon.  It’s about a high-tech security firm that takes extreme – and often questionable – measures to sell its protection services.

While the show was on my radar, after learning about an upcoming episode, I’m definitely tuning in.  So what sold me?  In the next few weeks they do a Comic-Con show where Contra Security (where they work) is hired to transport Goonies 2: The Legend of Sloth so it doesn’t get pirated.  Any show that works in a sequel to The Goonies has me.

Before the panel I got to speak with Annable about the show.  We talked WonderCon, what does she geek out over, the differences between working on a movie and a TV show, the premise of Breaking In and who she plays, upcoming guest stars, working with Christian Slater and how True Romance is her favorite movie, and a lot more.

Odette Annable (née Yustman):

  • 0:40 – Her go-to karaoke song is “Livin’ on a Prayer.”
  • 1:00 – She did Comic-Con once for The Unborn, but this was her first time at WonderCon.  She geeks out over Wonder Woman and admires the costumes on the floor.
  • 2:30 – She is friends with Adrianne Palicki; calls her the “best girl for the role” of Wonder Woman.
  • 3:15 – Talks about the premise of Breaking In.  She plays Melanie Garcia, the team’s lock picker and safe cracker.
  • 4:50 – The main difference between movies and TV is the schedule.  They shoot a “mini-movie” every week in five 16-hour days.
  • 7:20 – They are currently working on shooting episode five.  Breaking In has so far only been picked up six episodes, but Annable is optimistic.
  • 8:10 – The show wasn’t picked up for the fall season and seemed like it might be dead.  So it’s great that not only did Fox pick up the show, they slotted it after American Idol.
  • 9:00 – She calls True Romance her favorite movie of all time, so she is really excited to work with Christian Slater.
  • 11:00 – Not too much has changed from the original cut of the pilot.  She touts guest stars Alyssa Milano, NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson, and teases a surprise “old lady” guest star.