Ricky Gervais Returns as THE OFFICE Boss David Brent for 10-Minute Special and Reggae Music Video “Equality Street”

     March 16, 2013

the office special ricky gervais

The Office left David Brent in an optimistic place when it signed off in 2003 with the Christmas special.  He had a promising date, stuck up for himself with Finchy, and made the office staff laugh.  Ricky Gervais brought back the character for a ten-minute special for Comic Relief on Friday, and as suits Gervais’ M.O., all hope is gone and Brent is lonelier than ever.

Brent sells cleaning products now, but is still pursuing his true passion, music.  He is excited about his new protege, rapper Dom Johnson, and especially proud to have a black “friend.”  Dom says the partnership clicked when Brent agreed to “support my studio time financially,” but Brent still manages to rope him into filming a black-and-white music video for his painful political reggae song “Equality Street.”  The special is ultimately sad, extremely uncomfortable, and yes, pretty funny.  Watch it after the jump.

Here’s the special:


And the music video.  Take a drink every time Brent points or shrugs and die:


the office special ricky gervais