Producer Jerry Weintraub Makes Brilliant Pitch for OH, GOD! Remake Starring Betty White as God

     July 12, 2010

Producer Jerry Weintraub (The Ocean’s Eleven trilogy) and Warner Bros. have been trying to remake Carl Reiner’s 1977 George Burns comedy Oh, God! for some time now.  Deadline reports that Weintraub (who produced the original) may have finally hit upon an idea to make it happen.  The site reports that Weintraub has pitched Betty White to play God, who was played by Burns in the original, and Paul Rudd as the hapless mortal who God recruits to spread his message.

However, the studio isn’t completely happy with the script they currently have and it’s unknown whether or not White and/or Rudd have even been contacted about doing the film.  But it’s a great idea, although I keep wanting Rudd to play more oddball characters rather than being typecast as the beleaguered straight man.  But White is the real stroke of genius and I love that she’s one of the hottest actresses working right now.  It’s encouraging that her new found fandom genuinely likes her and it’s not an ironic appreciation.  Hit the jump to check out the trailer for original film.

Here’s the trailer for the 1977 original film.  As you watch it, think about how trailers will look thirty years from now.

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