‘Olaf’s Frozen Adventure’ to Air on ABC Next Week

     December 8, 2017


The new Disney animated short film Olaf’s Frozen Adventure—AKA the interminable “short” that audiences grew angry when it was attached to play in front of Pixar’s Coco—is now set to make its broadcast television debut next Thursday, December 14th at 8pm EST on ABC. The film will be part of ABC’s 25 Days of Christmas festivities, and the story takes place after the events of Frozen and revolves around Olaf’s (Josh Gad) search for a new holiday tradition given that Anna (Kristen Bell) and Elsa (Idina Menzel) don’t have any (or so they think…).

Running at 22-minutes in length, Olaf’s Frozen Adventure drew ire from moviegoers who went to see Coco and were expecting the traditional 3-5-minute short film from Disney. Since Pixar released two films this year, they only had one original short ready—Lou, which was attached to Cars 3. When it came time to release Coco, Olaf’s Frozen Adventure was already complete and had been intended to air on ABC all along, so the folks at Pixar and Disney felt it might be a good idea to attach it to Coco.

Their reasoning was sound, and you’d think kids who love Frozen would be delighted to see a brand new Frozen story, but the 22-minute length tested the patience of both kids and adults. Having sat through it myself I can attest it’s way too long for theatrical release when you’re expecting to see a totally different film, but more than that the short just isn’t near as compelling or funny as Frozen. That said, it’s entirely fine for a broadcast short timed to the holiday season.

So now folks who didn’t see Olaf’s Frozen Adventure in theaters will get their shot, and if for some reason you want to watch it again, tune into ABC next Thursday. Check out the trailer below.