Olga Kurylenko and Liana Liberato Join Aaron Eckhart in THE EXPATRIATE

     April 13, 2011


Since he was first cast in the spy thriller The Expatriate last November, Aaron Eckhart has become a bona fide action star thanks to Battle: Los Angeles ($185 million worldwide and counting).  Appropriately, Eckhart will be awarded his own Bond girl for his follow-up.  Variety reports Quantum of Solace siren Olga Kurylenko will play “a CIA agent assigned to track down her former CIA partner and lover (Eckhart).”  Additionally, Liana Liberato (Trust) has been cast as Eckhart’s daughter.  Director Philipp Stölzl is currently filming The Expatriate in Montreal; production will shift to Brussels in May.

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A more detailed synopsis from the initial report:

In The Expatriate, Eckhart plays a former CIA agent who hopes to make a fresh start with his estranged 15-year old daughter. He takes a job in Belgium as a security expert for a multinational corporation and arrives one day to find the corporation no longer exists, his coworkers are gone, and his assistant is really a trained operative out to kill him and his daughter. Father and daughter go on the run and must learn to trust each other, something that becomes difficult once she learns the truth about his shadowy past.

Yep — I’m in.

Kurylenko recently finished shooting Terrence Malick’s untitled film with Ben Affleck, Javier Bardem, Rachel McAdams, and Rachel Weisz.  She next be seen in There Be Dragons when it opens May 6.

Up next for Liberato is Trespass, a thriller led by Nicolas Cage and Nicole Kidman.

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