Oliver Platt and Allison Janney Talk THE ORANGES

     October 5, 2012


Opening this weekend is Julian Farino’s The Oranges. The film is about two families who are best friends and neighbors- until one of the daughters (Leighton Meester) begins an affair with her father’s best friend (Hugh Laurie), and the comical and emotional aftermath of that affair. The all-star cast includes Catherine Keener as Laurie’s wife who finds a new purpose in life, Allison Janney and Oliver Platt as Nina’s bewildered parents and Alia Shawkat as Laurie’s daughter- and Nina’s former best friend turned arch rival. It also stars Adam Brody and up-and-comer Sam Rosen.

At the press junket for the film, I was able to speak to stars Allison Janney and Oliver Platt about their favorite kinds of cereal, how they got involved in this film, what it was like to work with an ever-present screenwriting team, and how similar they are to these hilarious characters. For the whole interview, click after the jump.

Finally, click here to watch my video interview with Hugh Laurie and Catherine Keener, and here’s my video interview with Alia Shawkat and Adam Brody.

Oliver Platt and Allison Janney:

  • What kind of cereal do they like (they’re always eating it in the movie)
  • What made them want to be part of the film
  • What was it like working for a director and screenwriting team that were always there for you
  • Are they similar to their characters


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