Oliver Stone’s W Teaser Poster

     June 4, 2008

Written by Matt Goldberg

Perhaps you’ve heard or even seen a cartoon on Comedy Central called “Lil’ Bush”. It’s the kind of show that would have been funny had George W. Bush not so royally screwed our country. It was one thing to have our President be a likable dummy. Who wouldn’t want Homer Simpson running the country? But after Guantanamo Bay, Hurricane Katrina, fighting to defeat stem-cell research, health-care for children, full college tuition for soldiers returning from Iraq, destroying the economy, and over 4,000 dead in a war that was built on a lie, it’s difficult to find the comedy in the person of our President.

Apparently, no one told the marketing guys over at Lionsgate and they have chosen some of the President’s choice idiotic remarks from the past seven years and his 2000 Presidential campaign. And perhaps comedy is the tone of the film. I wouldn’t put it past Oliver Stone who didn’t need to make this film in the first place and is really just drawing attention to a man we’d like to forget as soon as possible.

To see that your C-student can be a President, check out the small version of the poster below and click here to see the entire image.

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