Limited Paper: Christmas Arrives Early via Olly Moss, Timed Edition of Batman’s ROGUES GALLERY on Sale Now!

     December 22, 2012


If you’re an Olly Moss fan—and, really, who isn’t?  No, seriously, let’s find that person and figure out what the hell’s the matter with them—then you’re probably already familiar with the trio of Batman-themed sketches pictured above.  Moss created ‘em awhile back (if memory serves), but for the longest time there wasn’t any indication as to when we might get our hands on them.  That gap in our knowledge was filled this morning, when Moss dropped the entire set on his website as a timed edition.

That’s right:  you can pick up one (or all three) of Olly Moss’ Batman’s Rogues Gallery series right now, without fear of any sell-outs, over at Olly’s site.  Wanna know more, see bigger pictures?  Meet me after the jump, folks.

Alright, guys, we gotta make this one quick…but truth be told, there’s not all that much to say:  right now, you can head on over to Olly Moss’ website and pick up the following set of prints for a cool $60:

  • Batman Rogues Gallery by Olly Moss
  • $60 Set or $25 each
  • Three 8×10” Giclee Prints
  • Timed Edition:  Available for the Next 24 Hours
  • Numbered


If owning all three of these doesn’t float your boat (we can’t imagine such a person, but let’s assume there’s at least one or two of ‘em out there), each is available on its own for just $25.  And according to Olly’s Twitter feed, you can receive a massive Christmas discount of…er…fifty cents if you use the code “OllyMursIsaDick” when checking out.  So it’s not a massive discount, but who cares?  48 hours ago we weren’t expecting these at all, and by offering them as a timed edition, Olly’s making sure that everyone has a very Batman Christmas this year.  So let’s not look a gift horse in the mouth, eh?

Head on over to this page to pick up the set, or head on over to this page if you want to see the single versions of each print.  By the way, Olly warns that these may not ship for as long as two months (!!!), so don’t expect to get these in time to use ‘em for stocking stuffers.

And that does it for now, folks!  This week in Limited Paper, we’re going to be catching up with a few releases we missed last week, looking ahead to one of the coolest-looking gallery shows we’ve seen in some time, and—if the stars align—we may have a pretty kick-ass interview for you.  Congrats once again to our winners (if you haven’t checked your email lately, get in there and see what’s what, folks), and good luck to everyone on the next one:  I have a feeling the competition’s gonna be stiff!

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