LIMITED PAPER is Headed to Comic-Con and We’ve Got Info on Releases from TOM WHALEN, DANIEL DANGER, OLLY MOSS, and More!

     July 7, 2012


Comic-Con 2012 sounds like one of the most massively exciting, probably-chaotic, and assuredly-fragrant gatherings of film geeks, comic nerds, and costumed weirdoes ever assembled.  People from all over the globe are converging on San Diego this Wednesday, and—for the first time ever—your humble Limited Paper scribe has given in and consented to join that undulating mass of geekery.  But it ain’t because Arnold Schwarzenegger’s gonna be there, and it ain’t because Django Unchained footage is screening.  It ain’t even because Peter Jackson’s got Hobbit stuff to share.  No, I’m going for the limited paper…and if you’ll meet me after the jump, I’ll tell you (just about) everything I know about what the poster-collecting community can expect from Comic-Con 2012 which includes Olly Moss, Daniel Danger, Tom Whalen, Dave Perillo and more.

If you’re anything like us here at HQ, you’ve spent the past week in a dual-tizzy, with one side of your brain devoted to the awesomeness that was Mondo Mystery Movie 10…and the other half devoted to the forthcoming awesomeness of the 2012 San Diego Comic Con.  For weeks now, we’ve been packing our bags, fine-tuning our poster-acquisition strategies, and keeping an ear to the ground for any announcements, rumors, or gossip regarding potential poster-drops.

As a result, I have heard many things, some of which can be shared right this minute!  If you’re going to Comic Con 2012—or if you’ve got a poster-buddy headed there in your stead—we’ve got some info here that may or may not be of interest to you.  Let’s go through it a section at a time (and be aware that the information below is just a scratch on the surface of a screenprint-covered glacier, one roughly the size of Nikki Minaj’s ass:  there is so much more to come, and we’ll be keeping you informed all week).


First up, here’s some news from a company we weren’t actively familiar with…but one we’re going to be paying very close attention to going forward:  Huckleberry.  Rather than blather on about what these guys are up to, let’s let them tell you in their own words:

Huckleberry (booth #3449) has partnered up this year with the fine folks of toddland to bring a whole new level of radness to san diego comic con. (SDCC12)  Huckleberry joined up with the toddland design team to bring their own clever and quirky spin some items for SDCC this year and you won’t be disappointed.  With awesome artist friends like Whalen, Doyle, and Perillo, toddland has a roster of some pretty special limited releases, and an arsenal of things than you need to take home with you before it sells out.  As always with toddland, everything is super limited, and with Adventure Time, Yo Gabba Gabba, and the Aquabats in the mix, what we’ve seen so far is all pretty awesome and definitely won’t last long.  Coming from the company whose mission statement is, “make rad stuff”, you’re going to be pretty stoked with what they came up with over at the toddland labs to share with their comic con friends.

Now, you’re probably reading that and thinking, “OK, that sounds reasonably kick-ass”, but wait’ll you see the prints they’re talking about…especially Tom Whalen’s.  As Dave Bowman might say:  “My god, it’s full of stars”.  Let’s get started.  First up, let’s talk about The Aquabats! (exclamation point theirs).

  • The Aquabats! screenprint by Dave Perillo
  • Regular edition of 250, $25 apiece
  • “The Sandfleas!” Variant edition of 40, $35

Also, Huckleberry tells us that the Aquabats (!) themselves (?) are going to be available in-person for photos and autograph/poster signing from 11AM to 1PM on Saturday (the 14th), so keep that in mind if you’re interested in getting your Perillo signed while you’re there.  These look awesome!  But, wait, there’s more!

  • H.R. Pufnstuf screenprint by Dave Perillo
  • Blue (Regular) edition of 125, $50
  • Red (Variant) edition of 75, $75

So, looks like the stoner market has been handily covered by Perillo, eh?  Next up…

  • Yo Gabba Gabba Muno screenprint by Tim Doyle
  • 1st in a series of Yo Gabba Gabba screenprints by Doyle
  • Regular edition of 130, $40
  • Glow-in-The-Dark Variant edition of 30, $60



Apparently, both Doyles are identical save for the GID inks.  And, last—but in no way least—is Tom Whalen’s Land of The Lost print.  The first time I saw these prints, my head asploded from the sheer awesomeness of Whalen-rendered Sleestaks (it was messy).  Without further ado…

  • Land of The Lost screenprint by Tom Whalen
  • Green (Regular) edition of 125, $60
  • Purple (Variant) edition of 75, $85





Holy Mary Mother of God, that is an amazing piece.  Whalen’s a Mondo regular—as many of you already know—and may well have some work with that company to share during the Con…but I’m finding it hard to believe that he’ll be able to top himself on this piece:  that Land of The Lost ranks amongs Whalen’s very best work, as far as I’m concerned.  Maybe I’m a bit biased because I specifically remember watching the show every Saturday morning as a kid, but…whatever.  This is getting purchased, no question about it.

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