Limited Paper: Olly Moss and Mondo’s LORD OF THE RINGS Posters Drop Tomorrow, Prepare for Battle

     December 12, 2012


This morning, Mondo and Olly Moss revealed a set of posters that we’ve all been waiting a long, long time to see here at Limited Paper:  Moss’ take on Peter Jackson’s Lord of The Rings.  This particular print has been rumored for months now—and was heavily rumored to be dropping at a previous Mondo-related event—but should anyone be surprised that we’re seeing it drop on the eve of the release of Peter Jackson’s latest trip to Middle Earth (The Hobbit, if you’ve been living under a rock)?

Wanna see Olly Moss’ take on The Lord of The Rings?  Find out where you can pick one of these up tomorrow?  Meet me after the jump, folks.

Let’s just cut through the bullshit and get straight to the money shot(s).  Tomorrow, Mondo News will let you know when the following posters are available via the Mondo website:

  • Lord of The Rings by Olly Moss
  • 15×36”
  • $50 regular edition of 580


  • Lord of The Rings by Olly Moss
  • 15×36”
  • $90 variant edition of 285


At some point tomorrow morning/early afternoon/mid-day/who knows Mondo will send out a Tweet (via @MondoNews) to let us know when these are up for purchase on their site.  At that point, it’ll be up to you to get through the checkout process without losing your sanity.  We humbly suggest that everyone just pretend that they’re Frodo (or Sam, if that’s your thing) attempting to get through the last leg of their trip to Mordor.  Perhaps that’ll give you the strength to make it through this alive.

Good luck everyone!  As always, if you’re an artist or gallery with artwork you’d like to see featured on Limited Paper (or if you’re just some lucky bastard who happened to overhear a bit of poster-related gossip while standing in the bushes outside Martin Ansin’s house) we wanna hear from you!  Email Limited Paper directly at, and be sure that you’re following us on Twitter via @LimitedPaper for ongoing commentary, news updates, giveaways, and more!

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