On Set Video Interviews with the Cast of GOSSIP GIRL

     August 26, 2008

While I usually don’t post studio provided video interviews, for “Gossip Girl” I’ll make an exception. As most of you know who read the site… “Gossip Girl” is my guilty pleasure. While I’ve never been one to watch any of the previous High School shows that have been on TV, for some reason this one not only got me to tune in…but I keep watching! And there’s a reason I do…it’s a damn fun show.

Each week someone is screwing over someone…and the other person is screwing somebody else. And the meaning of screwing is different for each person…

Look, I’m not going to defend “Gossip Girl” as being intellectual TV…but sometimes you just want to have some fun while watching the very rich doing some very ridiculous things. That’s “Gossip Girl.”

So if you’re like me and have been looking forward to season two, here’s some studio provided video interviews with the cast. Again, “Gossip Girl” returns with new episodes on Monday, September 1st.

Blake Lively on set video interview

Leighton Meester on set video interview

Penn Badgley on set video interview

Chace Crawford on set video interview

Ed Westwick on set video interview

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