Arclight Hollywood Dome to Host Tarantino Marathon Leading to Advance ‘Once Upon a Time’ Screenings

     July 16, 2019

Arclight Hollywood will play host to “Once Upon a…Tarantino”, a three-day, nine-film marathon showcasing the films of Quentin Tarantino and culminating in two advance screenings of the filmmaker’s latest, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. The marathon, which takes place between July 19-21, will take place inside the historic Cinerama Dome theater, which opened on Sunset Boulevard in the early days of the Golden Age 60s Tarantino explores in Once Upon a Time.


Image via Sony Pictures

“Quentin Tarantino is an important filmmaker who values unique and original storytelling,” said Kevin Holloway, Vice President, ArcLight Cinemas Film Marketing & Operations. “ArcLight shares those values, and ‘Once Upon a… Tarantino’ is a way for us to celebrate his craftmanship through his filmography and a special peek at his latest outing, Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood. With the historic Cinerama Dome being one of the many Hollywood movie-going fixtures featured in the film, and enduring as such nearly 56 years later, we are thrilled to be hosting this special celebration.”

The two exclusive screenings of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood will be presented in 70MM and be followed by a Q&A with “special guests.” The theater will be decked out in Tarantino-themed decor, with attendees being offered “nostalgic beverage offerings, commemorative keepsakes, and special giveaways.”

For more info on tickets and attending, head here. For more on Once Upon a Time in Hollywood—which stars Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Margot Robbie, Al Pacino, Dakota Fanning, and Luke Perry—check out the links below:

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